Sugar for Shelters

BEFA is an East Anglia based charity with its roots in the farming community.
In the autumn we ask schools to organise collections of sugar. British Sugar has offered to match, kilo for kilo, the first two tonnes of their brand, Silver Spoon, the school pupils collect. In 2022 we collected 5 tonnes of sugar.

Why Sugar ?

We ask schools to collect sugar because it is a simple and affordable way to support us.
Sugar packs, stores and keeps well.
Sugar is a very important source of energy to the people who need our help.
It is essential to many Christmas foods and beverages.
The shelters and soup kitchens we help need large quantities of it, particularly in the winter months.

How you can help ?
If you know of a school which might like to help collect sugar for BEFA, please let us know.
If your school can help, we will make sure that there is minimal administration.
All you need to do is:

  • Download the poster and letter to parents below
  • Let us know when you will be collecting sugar.
  • Fix a collection date to suit your calendar, and
  • Ask your pupils to bring a bag of Silver Spoon sugar on or before that day.

BEFA’s volunteer will provide leaflets and posters etc. and, when the time comes, collect the sugar on a convenient day for you…..simple as that.

What if collecting sugar doesn’t work for you ?
Some schools choose to donate tea, coffee or biscuits. Others ( usually those with older students ) prefer to collect food or money for us from Harvest Festivals, Christmas concerts, parties, discos or “Come As You Like” days. The funds raised can be used to buy special Christmas foods.

Please help us by asking your school to collect sugar for the homeless.

Download Resources: