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Who Donates to BEFA?

Farmers Donate High Quality Fresh Produce: BEFA began in rural Norfolk among the farming community.  Many of the farmers who donate produce from their farms have been doing so for years.  Several farmers donate tonnes of potatoes,carrots and onions every autumn.  

Over the years we have come to rely on their donations, and are deeply appreciative of their generosity.  One has donated pallets of oranges and bananas every year. Another has given us pallets of mushrooms. These donations are vital to the work of BEFA and we are deeply appreciative of our donors generosity


Food Manufacturers: Befa supplies charities with the ingredients to provide their residents with a Christmas meal. It also supplies food for the period after Chrismas. Donations from food manufacturers are central to our work. Companies have supplied cereals, tinned food, pasta and mmince pies. Others have given us pallets of soups, ready meals, tea and sugar. These items, which have a long shelf life and require little or no cooking, or kitchen equipment,are very useful to the charities we supply.


Schools and British Sugar:  Each autumn many schools help BEFA.  Some schools share proceeds from school events with BEFA.   In others, children are asked to bring a bag of sugar for the homeless to school with them.  Some 60 Schools in East Anglia collected a total of over 4000 kg. of sugar for BEFA at Christmas 2016.  British Sugar has matched the children’s sugar donations with 2000 kgs. of Silver Spoon sugar for many years, so the total amount of sugar which BEFA had to distribute in 2016 was over 6 tonnes. This year we will be aiming to improve on last years success. If you are involved in a school that would wish to collect sugar for BEFA, please contact us.


Other Donations:  Donations to BEFA also come in the form of personal time and energy. The lorries, complete with drivers, needed to collect and deliver the 40 foot trailers of food, are donated by local businessmen. Because we purchase £10,000 worth of turkeys we need a freezer trailer to store them and in 2016 this was loaned to us by a local company. The use of a warehouse  where food is assembled for distribution is donated.  Other locations, where sorting and distribution of the food for the 220 projects BEFA supplies is done, are donated. This means overheads are kept to a minimum.