BEFA has responded to the Coronavirus pandemic by supporting front line charities and supplying them with nutritious ingredients to enable them to prepare healthy meals.

BEFA has supplied charities, who work with those in greatest need, with high quality ingredients including fresh and frozen food. The organisations supplied by BEFA include women’s refuges, who have faced increased demand for their support because of the pandemic.

In addition, BEFA has worked to support groups of charities involved in the “Everybody In” initiative. This is a government programme to house homeless people in hotels and hostels which are closed because of the crisis. This was a successful initiative, but the accommodation did not include facilities for preparing food.

Charities, including churches and the Salvation Army, used their kitchens to prepare and deliver meals. BEFA supported their work by supplying ingredients.

BEFA is also supporting the work of charities who are providing nutritious meals to children during the summer holiday. These children would normally qualify for free school meals and will require support until schools begin to reopen.