Telephone  01223 236889

 Feeding people in need since 1985

Who We Help


Britannia House - Bury St Edmunds

The Bridge - Gorleston

Contact 2000 - Gt Yarmouth

Aspire - Gt Yarmouth

Right Tracks - Kings Lynn

Purfleet Trust - Kings Lynn

Bridge View - Lowestoft                                                      

Access Community Trust - Lowestoft

The Hub - Kings Lynn                                                                    Fyffe Centre - Lowestoft

Bostock House - Lowestoft

Phoenix House - Lowestoft

Bishopbridge House - Norwich

House of Genesis - Norwich

YMCA - Norwich

Archway - Norwich

Broadland Housing - Norwich

Flagship - Young Peoples Services

The Salvation Army

YMCA Suffolk

Genesis Housing

Sanctuary Supported Living

Lighthouse Women's Aid

Bury St Edmuns Women's Aid

Cambridge Women's Aid

Peterborough Women's Aid

Newmarket Open Door

Kings Lynn Young Carers

Project 394

Hinde House Norwich


Oak Lodge Women's Aid

Broadland Housing Group

Future Projects

City Saints in Action                                                                           

St Martin's Housing - Norwich

Ripley Project - Norwich

Radical - Norwich

Hebron Trust - Norwich

Benjamin Foundation - North Walsham

Stonham Housing - Wymondham

Bridge View - Lowestoft                                                      

Access Community Trust - Lowestoft

YMCA - Kings Lynn

We also donate food to 56 charities in the NW of England including:                                           


Bethany Project - Bury, Lancs

West Lancs Crisis Centre 

Blackburn and Darwin WA

Bolton House

The Brick Project Wigan

De Paul UK 

Manchester Women's Aid

Copperdale Trust

Cornerstone Day Centre

Digmoor Community Centre 

Fort Alice

Frank Cohen Centre Moston

Meadow Lodge Stretford

The Housing Link Bury


The Lalley Centre

Manchester City Council Shared Houses

New Testament Church 

Nightsafe Blackburn

Oak Lodge West Didsbury

Pomona Gardens

Project 34

Project 394

Railway Road Project

Salvation Army Salford

Safestop Didsbury

Sash Project

Shaw Street Project

Stockport Resettlement

Stockport Without Abuse

Stopover Project

The Beeches

City Saints in Action

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