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 Feeding people in need since 1985

What is the Buckingham Emergency Food Appeal?

Every Christmas since 1985 a group of volunteers has collected food and money for the homeless from farms, schools, and individuals in our local communities and distributed it to Open Christmases and other reputable projects serving the Homeless across East Anglia, and further afield. Over the years we have expanded our efforts to provide food for Community Meals, Shelters for the Homeless, Domestic Violence Refuges, and parcels for needy families. Last year we provided parcels for needy OAPs in East Anglia, and we would like to be able to extend this part of our work to the elderly in more communities. Any food which is not needed locally is sent to Manchester, the northwest of England, and to London, all places where the need is great. Most of the food is donated by farmers, manufacturers or wholesalers. 


Goals for the future:

BEFA’s priorities remain to reach out to all projects serving the homeless and deprived, and to make sure that they are able to make food available to all in need. 

Our aim is to provide more food every year to projects helping a range of vulnerable groups, particularly the young homeless and families in refuges.
  We hope that the donations of food and cash given to BEFA will be recognised as more than just food, but the very personal expressions of caring of thousands of adults and children from all walks of life who support our work.

It is our aim that the assistance we provide can help free up precious monies, which would otherwise have had to be spent on a food and other groceries, for other vital services.