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BBC Video - Christmas 2012

Charity begins at home - but it doesn't end there. (Old scottish proverb)

Our founder, Mike Buckingham, was a Norfolk farmer and BEFA remains firmly rooted in East Anglia. In 2014 we will supply food to around 120 charities in our region. However, over the years, we have formed some important relationships with organisations in other parts of the country. 

This has led to an increase in the amount of donated food, particularly processed food. In 2011 a company from the North West of England donated 4,000 mince pies and a further 4,000 in 2012. Other donations from companies in the North West have included cereals, tea, pasta and crisps.

In response to this generosity BEFA puts aside a small part of the food donated to help charities in the Greater Manchester area. In 2012 a regional TV unit filmed this part of our operation and you can view the video below. We would like to take this opportunity to thank our colleagues in food charities in the North West who sent us their surplus food.